What clients have said after completing a CRU programme:

“I’m feeling really great and the last two mornings have felt fresh and alert far faster than before. So really fabulous. No chocolate cravings which has really surprised and delighted me!! I am so happy with the results and it’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I am seriously delighted, and thinking about it now I am usually a lot more tired by the end of the day than I have been feeling for the last few days.”


“The food is delicious. Loved it all – thank you. I am also wonderfully surprised at how quickly my weight has dropped, very interesting and happy that I am doing it in a healthy and supportive way.”


“Really enjoying the food, today’s ‘pasta’ delicious! I want to find out where you buy all this food. Would like to continue with this eating regime going forward post-detox. Very inspired! Thank you”


“You know I really feel great. I haven’t introduced dairy back into my diet and have really thought about what I have been eating during the day – no biscuits or sweeties…I have definitely been clearer with my thoughts and strangely more articulate in my meetings at work. Sleep has been much easier and more settled as well.

I have also noticed that I smelt better! Isn’t that strange,  I actually didn’t need to wear deodorant on the last few days of the detox. My eczema also improved. I am very happy that I did it and will definitely do it again. The fact that I lost a couple of kilos was a wonderful bonus!”


“I am definitely going to cut out/add certain things permanently to my diet. What motivates me most is the increased energy and even mood in my day with no dips. I have so much to fit in with working, 4 kids and a sick father so it makes life so much better!”